3 Major Reasons Why Your Home May Have A Rodent Problem

8 January 2020
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Are you under the impression that only homes that are dirty or unkempt are in danger of becoming infested with some sort of pest? Have you been scoffing when a friend or a relative suggested that maybe you have a problem with rats or mice? Despite this, maybe you have some doubts regarding the issue. What a lot of people don't realize is that there are a number of reasons why rodents and other pests might move into your home even if you keep things relatively clean and tidy. A few of the most common reasons that you might not have thought about before are as follows:


One of the biggest reasons why you might be in need of rodent control is because rats or mice have moved into your home to wait out the winter season. Whether it snows in your area or it just gets a bit colder than usual, rats and mice both have a desire to get out of the cold and to avoid exposure to the elements whenever possible. Even though your home itself might not offer much else, the promise of shelter can be a huge draw to various rodents. 


You can keep the inside of your home spotless, and yet rats or mice may still move in because of the availability of nearby food. For instance, field mice are happy to live in your home while foraging for wild nuts and seeds outside. Rats will consume just about anything edible, something which can make rodent control efforts more difficult at times because it can make identifying their food source a challenge. Professional assistance will make it easier to get rid of rodents by identifying the species and allowing the food source to be determined so that it can be restricted or eliminated. 


Although most homes do not offer easy access to water for rodents, this isn't always true. Rats and mice may not like pool water, for instance, but will drink it if other sources are not available. Other potential sources of water include leaky faucets or unattended garden hoses. In order for the professional rodent control efforts to have the greatest effect, it may be necessary to hire a plumber to take care of whatever plumbing issues your home might have. Some of these issues might be hidden and go unnoticed if not for the presence of the rodents in your home. 

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