3 Organic Ways To Protect Your Homestead Garden From Pests

28 October 2019
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If you are growing your own garden that you want to use as a source of food, and you want to keep things as organic as possible, in addition to using organic fertilizer, you are going to need to use organic insect control methods as well. 

Organic Garden Protection Method #1: Floating Covers  

One way to protect your garden is with a floating cover. The floating cover is made out of polyester fabric that is both porous and translucent white color. It will help keep the bugs out of your garden. You can purchase big rolls of this material at a garden store, and use poles to drape it over your garden plants and wrap it around them to keep the bugs out.   

This provides a great temporary cover and can be a great way to protect your plants when they are in a vulnerable position, such as when they are seedlings.    

There are different weights of the fabric, with more lightweight fabrics and more heavyweight fabrics as well. Lightweight fabric is great for the summertime bug protection, and heavyweight fabric is great for fall. Heavyweight fabric is better for the fall, because not only does it keep the bugs out, it is also can retain a little heat as well.   

Organic Garden Protection Method #2: Sticky Traps  

Another great organic way to keep pests from your garden is by using sticky tracks. Sticky traps use a rigid material for the base, and then sticky materials are attached to the base, and the bugs get trapped on the sticky substance. This is a really easy trap to make and doesn't contain any dangerous materials. You are essentially making your spider trap to get rid of the bugs before they get to your plants.   

Organic Garden Protection Method #3: Oil Sprays  

Finally, there are oil sprays that you can use to protect your gardens as well. With an oil spray, you spray the oil directly onto either the pest eggs or onto the plant in order to kill the pests. The type of oil you should use depends on what bugs you are trying to kill and what plants you are applying the oils to.   

If you want to grow a truly organic garden, you are going to need to use organic insect control methods as well. A floating cover can help keep a wide variety of pests out of your garden. Sticky traps can help trap pests that are getting into your garden. Oil sprays can help kill pests that are getting in the way of your garden.

If you have further questions you can contact a pest control business in your area to help combat your pest problem.