Termite Prevention Tips That Only Take A Few Minutes

11 July 2019
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When you think of termite prevention, you probably think of making big changes to your home, such as replacing the pine beams with pressure treated lumber or installing a concrete barrier around the home. These changes will definitely help keep termites at bay, but they're so time-consuming to make! Here are some ways you can help termite-proof your home in only a few minutes.

Move mulch back from the foundation.

Mulch is meant to trap moisture in the soil. This is a good thing for your plants, but it is not a good thing for any wood trim around the outside of your home. Moist soil is more attractive and appealing to termites, so if you push mulch up against your home and keep that soil really moist, you're more likely to end up with termites in the area. Take a few minutes to rake your mulch back a foot or two from the edge of your house. This way, your home will have a barrier of dry soil around it, which should help deter termites.

Set up a dehumidifier.

Like most insects, termites prefer moist wood. If your home's air is really humid, your wooden beams will absorb some of that moisture, making them more appealing to termites. Purchase a portable dehumidifier, and run it in your basement or in other moist areas. (You may need several if you have a big home and your air is really moist throughout.) Remember to empty the dehumidifier daily so it keeps removing moisture from the air.

Clean up scrap wood.

This one might take more than a few minutes if you've been a bit messy, but it's still not terribly difficult. Piles of wood are attractive to termites since the wood on the inside stays cool, shaded, and moist. And once termites are in your wood pile, your home is not far away for them to reach. Tidy up your wood piles so that you have one long, even stack. If there is any moist or decaying wood, burn it ASAP before it becomes a home to termites. Also, make sure you keep up with burning your oldest wood first so you don't end up with so much older wood.

To learn more about termites and termite prevention techniques, contact your local pest control company. If you think you may have termites, they can help you take bigger, more involved steps to get rid of them.