How Do You Keep Spiders Away From Your Home?

16 January 2019
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Even though only a few species of spiders — like the black widow and brown recluse — are actually dangerous, most people do not want to find spiders inside their homes. Their creepy, crawly legs and hairy bodies are enough to make you cringe? So, how do you go about keeping the spiders away? Here are a few tips.

1. Take the trash out daily.

Old trash does not directly attract spiders. However, it does attract flies and other insects, and many species of spiders trap and eat these insects. Take the trash outside daily to avoid attracting flies, cockroaches, and other bugs. And store your outdoor trash can as far as possible from the side of your home, so that if flies gather near it, the flies don't start entering your home.

2. Dust your home often.

Get into the habit of dusting your home, including the spaces behind furniture and alongside decorations, every week or two. This serves several purposes. First, if a spider has entered your home and created an egg sack, dusting will remove that egg sack before the baby spiders have a chance to emerge. Second, dusting removes dead skin cells and mold spores that might attract other insects (the types that spiders feed on.)

3. Replace your weatherstripping.

One of the most common ways for spiders to enter your home is through loose and damaged weatherstripping around your windows and doors. Inspect your weatherstripping, and if it is not in prime condition, replace it. You can buy new weatherstripping at most home improvement stores -- it only takes a few minutes to peel the old weatherstripping off and put the new stuff in place.

4. Use cedar oil.

Your grandparents may have had a cedar chest to store their linens. Cedar was used because its oils are naturally unappealing to bugs. In their case, they were trying to keep clothes moths away... but cedar is also unappealing to spiders. Find some cedar oil, and place a few drops here and there around your home. Alternatively, you could decorate with items made from cedar wood, or make your doors and window frames from cedar wood. Just the scent is enough to repel most spiders.

If you are finding a lot of spiders in your home in spite of following the tips above, contact a pest control company. They can detect the ways spiders are coming into your home and formulate a customized control plan for you.