Goodbye Summer, Hello Mice: How To Keep Mice Away Now That Winter Is On Its Way

1 August 2018
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Summer is almost over, which means it's almost time for the mice to start looking for a new place to call home. Now is also the time to make sure that they don't choose your home for their winter abode.

It doesn't take much to put the welcome mat out for the neighborhood mice. All they need is a warm place to sleep, water to drink, and food to eat. If you've got that, your home may be the chosen winter location for mice. Luckily, it's easy to keep mice away. You just need to take the necessary steps before the weather turns cold. Here are some methods you can use to keep mice away this winter.

Clean Out the Garage

If your garage has been collecting garbage and clutter throughout the year, now's the time to clean it up and clear it out. Mice are going to be looking for safe, private places to hide away for the winter.

If your garage is filled with boxes, papers, and other clutter, you're going to have an infestation of mice on your hands. Now that summer is winding down, spend some time clearing out the garage and sending things to a storage unit.

Seal the Crawlspace

If you've got a crawlspace that hasn't been encapsulated, you'll need to take care of that before winter arrives. An unprotected crawlspace is a disaster waiting to happen.

Not only does an unprotected crawlspace provide the perfect hiding space for mice, it also increases your risk of water damage and mold growth. An unprotected crawlspace also makes your home much less energy efficient than it should be. Keep the mice away and protect your home this winter by having your crawlspace encapsulated.

Keep Up on the Gutter Cleaning

If it's been a while since you cleaned your gutter, you should schedule that maintenance before winter. Cleaning your gutters will serve a few useful purposes.

First, clean gutters reduce the risk of water damage by allowing a way for water to flow away from your home. Second, clean gutters reduce the risk of ice dams, which is important if you live in an area that freezes during the winter. Finally, clean gutters help keep mice out of your home.

Go for the Pest Control

If you have a problem with mice, and you can't seem to keep them away, it's time to get serious about the pest control. First, you'll need to hire a professional mice extermination service to come out and rid your home of the mice. Second, adopt a feline rodent hunter. Mice are less likely to infest homes where cats reside.