How to Get a Leg Up on Centipedes Invading Your Vacation House

2 November 2016
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Centipedes aren't as menacing or awful as the next pest, but that doesn't mean you have to let centipedes ruin your vacation house stay. Instead, follow this guide to keep the pesky insects at bay. 

Show Centipedes Who's Boss With Tea Tree Oil Spray

Thanks to its strong odor and mild toxicity, tea tree oil works wonders for getting rid of centipedes. Many people find the odor of tea tree oil to be very pleasant, which is an added bonus of using it around the vacation house.

Making and using tea tree oil spray is simple:

  1. Add several drops of the essential oil to a cup of water in a spray bottle.
  2. Close the lid tightly, and shake the bottle gently to mix the water and oil.
  3. Apply the spray around the doors and windows of your vacation house.

Reapply the spray every few days until the centipedes find a new place to stay.

Lay Glue Traps

If you're not a fan of the tea tree oil odor, force centipedes into a sticky situation by using glue traps instead. These traps are particularly good at catching small centipedes. However, larger species can often break free from the glue. This means you might have to get bigger traps if you notice the regular ones don't hold up.

Place the sticky traps in the places where you find the most centipedes. If you're not sure where the centipedes are hiding in your vacation house, start by placing the traps in rooms with the most moisture, including those with sinks, bathtubs, showers, washing machines, or hot tubs. Check the traps frequently, and in the meantime, keep your pets away.

Dehumidify Your Vacation Home 

Another quick way to free your vacation house of centipedes is to get rid of moisture, which the insects need to avoid dehydration. Use one or more dehumidifiers to suck the moisture out of your vacation house. This is a particularly effective strategy to get rid of centipedes large enough to walk right through any glue traps placed in their way.

Call in the Pros to Show You Don't Play

When you're away from your vacation house, many things can go astray. An untreated property is a nice place for opportunistic centipedes to stay. Fortunately, regular treatments from an exterminator will keep centipedes away. And the next time you go on vacation, those centipedes will be gone—and you'll be free to enjoy your pest-free stay.

For more information or assistance, contact residential or commercial pest control services.