Exposing Myths About Residential Bee Problems

16 March 2016
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Bees are highly important insects due to the role that they play in pollination. However, when these insects start to build a hive in your home, it can create major problems. Unfortunately, there are many myths about this problem that can make it difficult for homeowners to make informed decisions about how to address this issue. After you learn the realities behind these two notions about residential bee problems.

Myth: Bees Do Not Cause Structural Damage To Homes

While the threat of bee stings is a major concern, some people may not realize that bees can cause extensive structural damage to a house. In the process of building the hive, the bees can gnaw on wood and create honeycombs. While honeycombs may not seem like a serious threat, they can melt when the temperature gets too high, which can cause honey to run down the walls of your home. In addition to being a sticky problem, this can attract ants, mice and numerous other pests that can create issues for the house. Due to these threats, you should always have bee hives removed as soon as you notice them.

Myth: Spraying The Hive With Insecticides Is The Easiest Way To Remove Them

There are many options when it comes to eliminating bee hives. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of assuming that spraying them with insecticides is the best option for addressing this problem. However, it should be noted that this may not be an ideal solution. If the queen of the hive is not eliminated, the problem will quickly return, and it can be very difficult to reach the queen with these chemicals. Also, homeowners with pets or small children may be hesitant about having these chemicals sprayed close to the house.

A better alternative may be to have a professional bee removal expert address the situation. These professionals can utilize a variety of techniques to safely remove the bees, and they are adept at identifying the queen of the hive, which will ensure that the problem does not immediately return. Often, they will relocate them to an area where they cannot return to the home, and this can be a great option for those that want the bees removed but do not want them killed.

Addressing a bee problem can be a challenging issue for a homeowner to encounter. However, if you understand that bee hives can cause extensive structural damage and that spraying them with insecticide may not be the best option, you will be better able to make sound choices for addressing this type of routine problem. To learn more, speak with a business like Bee Serious LLC.