Crickets in the Cellar: Keeping Your Home Cricket Free This Fall

14 December 2015
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With fall upon us and winter coming soon, it's time to prepare for pest infestations. One such infestation, field crickets, can cause more harm to your home than you know and may require the help of pest control professionals for extermination.

Know Your Pest: The Lifestyle of a Field Cricket

When you know your home's pest, you're much better equipped to deal with the infestation and seek the help you need.

Field crickets, a common cellar pest in the fall months, can cause quite a bit of damage to your walls, floor, ceilings, and exposed draperies or clothing. The diet of a field cricket includes plant matter and small fruits, and their droppings can cause considerable staining and damage. These pests are actually accidental invaders – while they may enter your home when food is running low or when attracted by lights, their life cycle is short and they prefer to live outdoors.

Preventing Field Crickets from Entering the Home

As mentioned above, field cricket infestations usually occur accidentally, on behalf of the cricket and yourself.

Field crickets are attracted to light, which makes it important to keep outdoor sources of light to a minimum in the late summer and fall. Cracks, holes, and other points of entry near such lights should be checked thoroughly, as these are the most likely places for entry. While insecticides can be used around the outside of your home to prevent an infestation, lessening the number of light sources around your home is really the best prevention of such infestations.

Ridding Your Basement of Crickets

So, you got the memo about outdoor light sources too late. While your basement is now home to dozens of chirping crickets, don't fret, there are ways of ridding them from your abode.

While glue traps can be a good way to catch field crickets, it isn't the most humane and also not the most effective. If you're dealing with a field cricket infestation, it may be best to call in the professionals. Field crickets are known to give off a repulsive odor when frightened, and they don't smell too great when they die off in large numbers, either. A pest control professional can not only help to rid you of your problem in as little as one visit, but they can also entirely remove the cricket population to avoid a strong and lasting smell.

To learn more about preventing and treating field cricket infestations in your home, consult with a pest control professional, such as Quality Exterminators Of Georgia Inc.