3 Reasons Mosquitoes Love Invading Your Property

13 November 2015
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When you have a mosquito problem, you may be wondering why they love your property so much. After all, you don't live near a canal or river, and you've heard that mosquitoes love a water source to thrive. If you're left scratching your head for more reasons than one, discover 3 reasons why these blood-sucking critters love invading your property so much and what you can do about these unwelcome guests.

1. You have hidden moisture spots

If you have a basement or crawl space, then you may have found the reason why mosquitoes have called your house their home. Mosquitoes love a water source for laying their eggs, but any kind of moisture will do. Your crawl space may be full of moisture that makes egg-laying easy and before long, you have a mosquito problem.

Remedy your hiding biters problem by hiring a pest control expert to properly fumigate your basement and crawl space areas. They may recommend a mosquito misting machine that emits a chemical that repels mosquitoes to keep new pesky insects from making these areas a home.

2. You have lots of foliage

Trees and bushes on your property can unwittingly provide the perfect housing for a mosquito. Shelter, food, and moisture are often provided by a tree or bush's heavy leaves. As leaves gather on the ground or around fence lines, mosquitoes make themselves at home in these covered, secluded areas.

To keep mosquitoes from making a nest in your foliage, rake up all leaves and debris on a regular basis. This helps prevent eggs from getting laid, since mosquitoes don't like to lay their eggs in disturbed areas. A pest control expert can also spray your outer property, such as your trees, fence, and even bird baths and other standing objects, to help keep mosquitoes at bay.

3. You have the ideal climate 

Mosquitoes love to be warm, and thrive the most when it is 80 degrees or warmer. They tend to hibernate when it hits 50 degrees or less. This means you will get mosquitoes most frequently during the late spring to late summer, and then see them die off in the winter and early spring months. While you cannot do anything about your climate, you can anticipate when these biting buggers thrive the most so you can combat them more readily when they do appear.

You can keep mosquitoes at bay just when the weather gets warmer by giving your pest control expert a call. They can come to your home and eliminate water sources and mildewing debris around your property that mosquitoes love to thrive in. They can then use repelling chemicals to make your yard and home less tantalizing for these nasty critters. 

If you are tired of having mosquitoes in your yard or home, then you need to know what is attracting them to your property in the first place. After you discover just what makes mosquitoes love your home, you can hire a pest control specialist to eliminate them for good.

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