Three Autumn Tips To Keep Mice Away From Your Home

19 October 2015
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The arrival of the cooler fall weather means that many of the tiny critters that once lived comfortably outdoors will be trying to get inside your home for warmth. You might not have noticed any signs of mice living in your yard over the summer, but there's a chance these tiny rodents will soon be looking to share your living quarters with you. If you notice signs of mice inside your home, such as droppings and chewed food, it's best to call a licensed pest control agency right away. If you haven't seen any indicators that mice have joined you and you're looking to keep things that way, here are three ways to accomplish this goal.

Keep Firewood Away

Many homeowners who have fireplaces store their firewood in the garage or in their yard against the house. Either approach has its share of conveniences, but this location can strongly attract mice toward your home. Wood piles can serve as natural habitats for many outdoor creatures, including mice, so it's best to keep your firewood well away from your home to lessen the risk of the mice making their way inside. The general rule is to stack your firewood at least 30 feet away from your home, if possible.

Check Your Doors

You might not pay much attention to the condition of your home's doors during the summer, but the fall is an ideal time to carefully inspect the sweeps on the bottoms of your exterior doors. Over time, these sweeps can break down from wear, as they're commonly made of vinyl. Even a tiny hole can be enough to let a mouse pass through, especially when the rodent senses the heat from inside your home escaping through the hole. Buy replacement door sweeps and install them as soon as you can. Checking and repairing your door sweeps at this time of year has an added benefit, as doing so will prevent the drafts that can chill your home.

Keep Pet Food Covered

It might be tempting to leave out a bowl of food for your dog or cat, but the smells of the food can quickly draw mice to the area. If you wish to feed your pets outdoors, it's best to avoid leaving food open to the air. Instead, provide the food and when your pet stops eating, either remove the food or place it in an airtight jar. This simple approach provides less of an incentive for rodents to congregate around your home. Click here for more information about pest control.