Different Ways To Reduce Insects Throughout Your Apartment Complexes

18 October 2015
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When you are tasked with managing apartment complexes, it is important to reduce the number of insects throughout the properties. Even though it is nearly impossible to eliminate all pests, you do have different ways to reduce the number of bugs your tenants have to deal with on a regular basis.


To eliminate insects, you should consider a spray that can be used throughout the apartments. Many sprays eliminate insects immediately because the chemical soaks into the bugs' bodies and kills them.

However, if your complex has small children and animals living in the units, you want to use a product that is less harmful to them. With this in mind, you can find companies that use a pyrethrin-based spray. Pyrethrin is derived from the chemical pyrethrum that is found within chrysanthemums, and it is safer to use around kids and pets as compared to other pest control chemicals.

These sprays are typically used around the baseboards, doorways, windowsills and under cabinets where many bugs are found. This treatment is a viable option for treating the apartments on occasion to help eliminate as many insects as possible.


Gels are another good way to deal with insects such as roaches and ants that have nests. With this option, the insects walk through it and they bring it back to the nests. Eventually, the chemical kills the adults, larva and eggs.

This is also a good option as a long-term treatment for your complex. Since the chemical is a gel, it stays around longer than the sprays. You do not have to worry about it washing it away when you tenants clean their homes.

However, these gels can be harmful to animals and small children because they are highly concentrated. The gel has larger amounts of insecticides, which is what makes it so effective at eliminating pests.

With this in mind, you want to place the compound in out-of-the-way areas. By placing it on the backside of appliances and in gaps between cabinets or around ceiling lights, you prevent animals from licking it and children from getting it on their hands.

You cannot stop bugs from entering your apartment complex, but you can help reduce their numbers. It is best to work alongside a company like All Seasons Pest Control that uses different methods of treating locations. With a company's help, you can reduce the number of insects that want to live inside of the apartments you are managing.