Three Ways You Can Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Home

8 October 2015
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There are few things that can destroy a fun and relaxing time in your backyard quite as much as mosquitoes. While it would be somewhat impossible to prevent mosquitoes from ever coming around your home, there are a number of things you could be doing that may actually increase the number of mosquitoes in the area. Learning what these practices are and avoiding them can help keep the outdoor spaces of your home more comfortable.

Garden Consciously

Be conscious about what and where you plant when planning your garden. In addition to blood, mosquitoes also enjoy the taste of plant nectar found in shrubs and bushes. If shrubs or bushes will be a part of your landscaping design, choose their placement carefully.

For instance, unless you want to be bombarded with mosquitoes, it wouldn't make a lot of sense to place these plants near any outdoor seating areas. It's best to place these plants a safe distance away from your common areas. Plant nectar can also be found in tall grass, so make sure you are mowing regularly. Consider planting vegetation that repels mosquitoes, as well, like citronella, peppermint, and rosemary.

Prevent Standing Water

Mosquitoes are highly attracted to areas with standing water. If your yard is full of puddles of water, you will probably have a problem on your hands. To prevent this issue, you first need to get to the bottom of why you have standing water. For example, do you constantly seem to have puddles of water around your sprinklers each time you water your grass? 

If so, you might need to ensure the sprinkler head is tightly screwed on and not leaking water or ensure you aren't over-watering the lawn. Each of these practices will cause excess water to build up in your lawn and attract these insects.

Keep It Clean

A messy yard filled with clutter won't just attract large pests like rats, but it can also attract mosquitoes for many of the same reasons. One of these reasons is that clutter provides a safe haven for breeding. Piles of leaves or grass clippings might seem harmful, but they provide a safe environment for mosquitoes to reproduce, which will only exacerbate your problems.

You can easily avoid this by making it a point to clean your lawn regularly, particularly during the fall when the leaves are falling from the trees.

Don't let mosquitoes overtake the outdoor spaces around your home. Speak with a pest control specialist, like one from  Mr. Bug Killer Inc, to learn how you can further take control and avoid any mosquito-attracting practices.