Squirrels On The Loose! Removing A Squirrel Infestation From Your Attic

7 October 2015
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If you have been hearing a rustling or scratching sound in your attic, you are most likely a bit fearful about peering inside to see what type of wildlife has harbored itself inside. In many cases, if the sounds you hear occur during the daytime hours, you have some visiting squirrels. Squirrels are known to get inside attics to make nests as the area is easily attainable for them since they are able to walk at heights across pitched roofs and squeeze into cracks to get inside. Here are some steps you can take in removing a squirrel problem from your attic.

Assess The Situation

To remove squirrels, you will first need to find out where they are getting inside. Get up on your rooftop to take a look at the area above your attic in great detail. There may be several spots along your rooftop, including soffit areas, underneath eaves, or through vents. 

Fill Most Entryways

If you see apparent holes, fill them with caulk or use wire mesh to cover them so squirrels cannot utilize them. For the time being, leave one main hole open so any squirrels inside will have a way back out. When you are confident all squirrels have vacated, you can cover the last hole.

Attach A Door

Purchase a one way squirrel door to place over the main squirrel entry way. This will allow squirrels the chance to get back outdoors and it will keep them from coming back inside. Squirrels will leave the premises to look for food and water.

Take Your Time

Allow for several weeks before you cover the main hole squirrels had used to get into your attic. This will ensure any litters of babies that may be in your attic will have time to grow big enough to make their way out. When you stop hearing rustling in your attic, you will want to take a look inside to see if there are indeed young trapped within.

Call A Professional

If all adult squirrels have vacated and you have babies remaining, you will want to call a pest removal service to safely handle the wildlife left behind. A pest control service can also be used if the adult squirrels do not seem to be leaving, as there may be an entryway you have not been able to find. They will bring along trapping equipment to effectively remove the squirrels from your attic for good. To find out more, speak with a business like Select Pest Control.